A trip into Soulful House (Trip Three)

23 June 2020

Music is energy and emotions, the same things I have blendend into this Soulful and House mixtape. One hour to Listen and Enjoy!

#Genre: House, Soulful House
*Mixed with: Serato + Denon MCX8000 Controller


1 Next Rhythm – David Grant
2 When Can Our Love Begin (Earl TuTu, John Khan & DJ Spen remix) – Kimara Lovelace
3 Where Do We Go From Here (Richard Earnshaw dub) – Dj Paul Newman
4 Heat (feat Nathan Thomas – extended mix) – Rapson
It’s In My Heart (Deez Peak Pass mix) – Demarkus Lewis
7 Love Will Save The Day (Kenny Carpenter Warehouse remix) – Bobby D’ambrosio, Stephanie Jeannot
8 Jazz Carnival (DJ Meme original Discotheque mix) – DJ Meme & Marcos Valle
9 Switched On (Michael Gray remix) – Glen Horsborough, Ida Flo
10 Can’t Slow Down – Louie Vega
11 So Special (Kenny Summit remix) – Meital De Razon, Asi Tal
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