There is some Funky in my House (Episode 002)

23 March 2020

We need always good vibes especially in this hard times. Whit sets like “There is some Funky in my House” Vol. 2 I would try to give you a break from bad news, daily issues and other hardship. Be positive, relax and c’mon, move your body!

#Genre: Funk, House
*Mixed with: Denon MCX8000 + Serato
{Contains positive vibes}



1 Soul Back (feat David Edward) – Andy Bach
2 Good For Me (original mix) – Antoine Clamaran/Aqua Sin Gas
3 Nasty (original mix) – Crazibiza
4 Zone 17 (Re-Tide’s Disco mix) – Steff
5 Loose It Baby (original mix) – House Of Prayers
6 Music Is My Way Of Life (Dr Packer extended remix) – The Lab Rats, The Experiment, Lisa Millett
7 I Wanna Give You – Antoine Clamaran & Agua Sin Gas
8 Gonna Stomp (original mix) – Da Funk Junkies
9 Show Me Love (New Club mix) – Robin S
10 Kalimba De Luna (original mix) – Block, Crown, Dzialach
11 Your Body (original mix) – Block & Crown
12 All Around The World (original mix) – Block & Crown & Martina Budde
13 Boogaloop – Jarred Gallo
14 Feel Free (original mix) – Andy Bach
15 You Saved My Day – Cheryl Lynn
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