A trip into Soulful House (Trip One)

17 September 2019

I would like to get you into an emotional trip made of persuasive voices, sweet sounds and powerful basses.

#Genre: Soulful House
*Mixed with: Pioneer Digital Controller


1 Love Will Save The Day (MdCL remix) – Mark De Clive-lowe
2 Light Of Love (feat Lady Alma – Mark De Clive-Lowe remix) – Yameen
3 Was That All It Was (DJ Spen remix) – John Morales & Thommy Davis, Richard Burton
4 Wish I Didn’t Miss You (Main vocal mix) – Tasha Larae, Dj Spen
5 Count On Me (original vocal mix) – Marc Cotterell
6 Love Goes On (feat Maria Estrella) – Medsound
7 Trust Me (original mix) – Din Jay
8 What You Mean To Say (Richard Earnshaw Club mix) – Ridney, Sander Nijbroek
9 Freedom (Epic Classic mix) – David Morales, Janice Robinson
10 So Thankful (Joey Youngman remix) – Joey Youngman, Bobby D’ambrosio
11 Your Love (Director’s Cut Signature mix) – Frankie Knuckles Pres Director’s Cut, Jamie Principle

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