A trip into Soulful House (Trip Twelve)

26 November 2020

Tender and luscious emotions

1 Take A Chance – Raphael Futura
2 Twice A Night – Hotevilla
3 The Day (DJ Spen & Reelsoul remix) – Bobby D’ambrosio, Michelle Weeks
4 Stronger (original mix) – Jess Bays, Sebb Junior, Jennifer Jamieson
6 Body N Soul (Marc’s Nicely Ripe Vox mix) – Marc Cotterell
7 What You Mean To Say (Richard Earnshaw Club mix) – Ridney, Sander Nijbroek
8 Stronger (Alan Dixon extended remix) – Quentin Harris, Jason Walker
9 Stealing Love – Grant Nelson

#Genre: House, Soulful House
*Mixed with: Serato + Denon MCX8000 Controller

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