A trip into Soulful House (Trip Twentythree)

22 February 2021

For the love of house and soul.

1 Stay In The Groove (feat Lifford – Reprise) – Beat Rivals
2 Calling You (Bagdad Cafe) (Original Mix) – Richie Jones, Eric Kupper, Sofia Rubina
3 Raise it up (Micky MOre & Andy Tee Disco Mix) – Dutchican Soul, Karmina Dai, Mr. V
4 Higher (Terry Hunter, James Poyser Main) – Julius Jordan, TREE, Terry Hunter
5 Please Me (original mix) – Gregor Salto
6 Because of Gil (B.O.G. Tribute) (Reelsoul B.O.G. Dub Mix) – Brutha Basil, Reelsoul
7 Ho do you see me now (Dubplate Collective Remix) – Extortion Feat. Dihan Brooks, Dubplate
8 Give N’ Take (feat Lifford Shillingford) – Avi Elman, Danny J
9 It’s Your World (original mix) – Ricky Morrison, Brian Lucas
10 Make my body rock (Tony Vee’s Clublife Vocal Dub) – Thommy Davis, Dana Weaver
11 Call Girl (Scott Wozniak remix) – The Right Now

#Genre: House, Soulful House
*Mixed with: Serato + Denon MCX8000 Controller

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