When and where House Music was birth?

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An interesting article from Matt Annis was trying to make some light around the topic “When and where House Music was birth?”. I think it’s difficult, in general, to identify a single event or person that was started a “movement” like the one of House Music and clubbing, so you have to accept the idea that the birth was more likely a “rapidly evolution”.

The scenario was a 1983’s New York City, where some clubs and theire resident DJs were starting write the history! David Mancuso at the Loft, Nicky Siano at the Gallery, Tony Humphries at New Jersey’s Zanzibar and, most important, Larry Levan at the Paradise Garage. He was the most influential DJ in the City, capable of introduce the new era electronic era.

Annis say in it’s article: “The weekly throng on the Garage dancefloor contained a group of friends who would go on to kick-start a new era of dance music in New York. There was fast-rising remixer, radio host and DJ Tony Humphries, his neighbor and fellow radio DJ Timmy Regisford, professional window dresser and synthesizer enthusiast Boyd Jarvis, editor-turned-producer Paul Simpson and drum machine obsessive Winston Jones. Throw in Kenny Carpenter and aspiring singer Anthony Malloy, and you had a group with the skills, enthusiasm, knowledge and contacts to change the musical agenda.”

Firsts records introducing the new House Music era was made thinking not only to clubbers but, with a specific version, also to other producers.  “The Music Got Me”, for example, rapidly became a club hit with it’s A-side: but the B-side, a DJ-friendly instrumental dub version very similar to the original, was influencing all the following DJ’s productions, like “Music Is The Answer” from Winston Jones (Colonel Abrams).

“Trying to do digital mixes of it was hell, man,” Tony Humphries says. “Boyd wanted the instrumental to be very similar to their original demo. We were in the studio for hours editing it, trying to recapture the feel of that version.”

The rhythm, synth bassline and melody of “The Music Got Me” was the primordial ingredients of a new kind of music borned in New York: after a couple of year, the world call it House Music and start buy that mixes in Chicago record stores.

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