DJ Set #09 – My African Soulful

20 January 2016

A new DJ mix compilation that starts from a black deep Afro House and go through a great solar Soulful.


  1. Blaq Deep – Kapa Beats
  2. Chef Palony – Tribute To Dj Eclipse (Original Mix)
  3. Cross Musiq – Deep Omnibus
  4. Jorge Calderon, Armando Masta, Gianluca Calabrese – To The Space (Original Mix)
  5. Craque Soulstars – Monday Cultures (Original Mix)
  6. Cross Musiq – Road to Mexico (E Guitar Mix)
  7. Colie Williams – Everywhere I Go (Miggstrumental ReTouch)
  8. Corduroy Mavericks – Everything Girl (Original Mix)
  9. Ross Couch – Uptown Downtown (Uptown Mix)
  10. Andrea Carissimi – A Good Thing (Piers Kirwan Remix)
  11. Roy Davis Jr., Terry Dexter – My Nation (Ray Coker Remix)
  12. AM2PM – Precious (Jeremy Juno Remix)


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