I’m getting very very serious! October 2018

20 October 2018

This is a very hard game and I want to win it! So I put on the table the best and most precious tracks for you!


1 Look Back & Turn Around – Tom Conrad
2 Hard Room – Demarkus Lewis
3 The 12am Groove (Soledrifter remix) – Tom Conrad
4 Flavourism (feat Seven Davis Jr) – Detroit Swindle
5 Flavourism (feat Seven Davis Jr) – Detroit Swindle
6 This Melody (Salty Space Rub) – Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw
7 Shine – Ross Couch
9 Into The Light (Reelsoul vocal remix) – Marc Cotterell & Doreen Younglove
10 I Hear The Music (Angelo Ferreri ‘Soulful’ remix) – Ralphi Rosario/Linda Clifford
11 Reach High (Loud&Clasiizz remix) – Demarkus Lewis
12 Hold Up (Mike Dunn BlackBall Vokal remix) – Lonely C, Kendra Foster
13 Holiday (Ben Rau Meta remix) – Roy Ayers
14 Rocket Love (Sean & Lem’s Main vocal) – Sean Mccabe, Dannis Winston

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