A trip into Soulful House (Trip Six)

22 September 2020

Plenty of emotions in a set mixed with heart and soul. Enjoy and relax!

#Genre: House, Soulful House
*Mixed with: Serato + Denon MCX8000 Controller


1 Survivor (Aki Dawson & Emmaculate OG mix) – Jon Pierce
2 Don’t Let Them Love You (Ralf GUM Main mix) – Bongi Mvuyana & Ralf Gum
3 I Found Lovin’ (Eric Kupper remix) – Reaction, Keith Thompson
4 Gimme Love – Sebb Junior, Ida Flo
5 Gotta Move On (John Khan vocal) – Tracy Hamlin
6 Rose Rouge (Atjazz Galaxy Aart remix) – St Germain
7 Over Me (Random Soul extended mix) – Withus
8 Moment Of My Life (JN Dubwise Re-Organ-ization) – Bobby D’ambrosio, Michelle Weeks
9 I Shall Not Be Moved (Master Kev & Tony Loreto MKTL remix) – Underground Ministries, Kenny Bobien
10 Carnaval – Cosmonection
11 Un-Love You (Ralf Gum Main mix) – Ralf Gum
12 I Hear Music In The Streets (Touch mix) – Louie Vega, Unlimited Touch
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